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Resources for staying at home: Mission Simulation

Target Group: educators, schools, organizations, institutions, youth groups, parents

Benefits of using this material: hands-on applicable material for a fun workshop or multiple lessons of education about the most pressing problem of today: sustainability. Increasing awareness and knowledge in the topic sustainable traveling which is mainly underrepresented in schools’ curricula.

Download the Simulation Hints with all the necessary resources for conducting the workshop in your group.

You want it more interactive with experts visiting your group? Get in touch and we can organize a successful event together!

Ressources for being on the road: Mission Real-World

Target group: accommodation owners, community centers, local governments, travel agencies, tourist information centers, parents

Benefits of participating: let young visitors have fun while discovering sustainable aspects around your region and tourist accommodations. Become actively involved in gamified education and offer an asset for traveling families which increases your region’s attraction as tourist destination.

You want that your small guests realize your efforts for a more sustainable future? You want to boost the fun factor of the stay for the younger guests? Download the material here and make the visitors engaging  in a sustainable way. It is easy: Just provide the booklet at your desk and make sure you have a small gift for all children who complete the program. Most of the exercises are self-explanatory, but we happily provide a Solution Key for making it even easier for you to give feedback to the participants. If you need the booklet in a professionally printed version, please get in touch

Exhibition about sustainable travel  

Target group: Community centers, schools, accommodations, initiatives

Your benefits: Profit from already designed posters and material for interactive stations. Learn about sustainable travel and adapt posters such as how to become a sustainable traveler to your individual needs. Invite guests and observe how they become part of the sustainable travel future by writing sustainable postcards, hotel reviews and playing memory to learn about sustainable travel components. Simply download the posters and material here and print them out in a size suitable for your purpose and audience. 



"The kids had a blast"

Breann – Employer at Girl Scouts of Colorado

"I loved it!"

Student participant age 12

"Even the young ones learned so much"

parent of one participant


2 educational institutions

100 booklets

2 accommodations &
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