This project develops a booklet so that children can learn in a playful way how to discover tourist destinations sustainably. Let our kids become Changemakers!

Project Goals

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Gamifying the learning experience about sustainability
Giving children a voice by becoming sustainability detectives
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Increasing awareness about sustainable travel

The target group

The booklet can be used by every traveling child, whether in a group of friends or with the family. It will be available at tourist information centers, town halls and hotels for free. The accompanying simulation can be used in every institution that works with children aged 6-14. No matter if it is a school, a youth club, a not-for-profit, a birthday party, a GamesConvention, or just a nice family afternoon. With the help of this material, children can discover sustainable traveling even while staying at home. Moreover, everybody involved will have fun and learn something new.

When organizing the simulation in a larger scale, teachers, parents and university students, for instance from the field of hospitality can be included as facilitators and actors, learning about sustainability collaboratively. The gained knowledge by everyone will be applied in several contexts: children will be able to support their teachers and parents to plan a sustainable trip and are prepared to organize their own journeys or plan business trips in their future workplace. 

Project results